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por JB, em 19.01.17

"One of Portugal’s greatest literary talents... his formation is reflected in his works: like Gonçalo M. Tavares, writing for Tordo means exploring existential questions." - Kevin Zdiara, Darmstädter Echo, Germany


"João Tordo plays skillfully with the imagination of his readers" - Marcus Kufner, Buecher Kaffee, Germany


"Like the Nobel José Saramago, João Tordo calls into question, with his talent, the belief in an identity that we humans are attached to." Jacinta Cremades, Le Monde, France


“Tremendous inventiveness that you don’t often come across” José Saramago


«’Mourning of Elias Gro’ will have his own undivided place among the best works of contemporary Portuguese Literature» | João Gobern, Jornal de Letras


"Vibrant writing, capable of moments of great expressive intensity or unexpected lyricism." José Mário Silva, Expresso


“An intimate portrait of mortality.” Isabel Lucas, Público


"A great novelist who redeems us from horror, like the great masters, by the mysterious power of writing" António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Sol




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--Prémio Literário José Saramago 2009-- --Finalista do Prémio Fernando Namora em 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016-- --Finalista do Prémio Portugal Telecom 2011-- --Finalista do Prémio Ficção da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores-- --Prémio GQ - Man of the Year Literatura 2014--

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